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Net framework 2.0 download
( Needed for VC Guard To Work )

Multiple IM Tabs In Yahoo Messenger 8


Are you pissed off in handling 5-10 IM windows at once. well, here is the solution. Have all your open IM's in a single window as Tabs. Just like the tabs in mozilla firefox Or Opera. You can switch between your instant messages just by a click on the tab of the freind whom you want to or read message of.

VC Guard With Voice Dominance Reviews And Download

VC Guard is a little tool that adds strong and powerful voice dominance to almost any popular chat client as well the official yahoo messenger. All you have to do is run VC Guard with your favourite yahoo chat client including the official messenger. To do that Follow carefully the guide below

Voice fix for vista

Windows Vista OS by default does not have the truespeech codec installed. This truespeech codec is included in the official versions of The Yahoo messenger releases above version 9 beta. However, even then the voice works only with the messenger and not with any other yahoo chat client. For the voice chat to work properly with all the yahoo chat clients you need to install the Tsp truespeech codec separately. The download link for the same is given below.