VC Guard With Voice Dominance Reviews And Download

VC Guard is a little tool that adds strong and powerful voice dominance to almost any popular chat client as well the official yahoo messenger. All you have to do is run VC Guard with your favourite yahoo chat client including the official messenger. To do that Follow carefully the guide below

Install VC Guard and tick the ‘create desktop icon’ while installation

Double click its blue icon on the desktop to run VC guard

Search for the blue VC Guard icon in the taskbar and left Click once

From the pop up menu showing ‘use VC Guard with?’, ‘packet analyzer’, ‘about’ and ‘close’, Click the first option ‘use VC Guard with?'.

From the sub menu you can straight away click ‘yahoo messenger’ or ‘Yahvox’ (yahelite) if you wish to add domination to the official messenger and Yahvox respectively.

If you want to use the VC guard with any other yahoo chat client, like the ‘Yazak chat client’ Select 'other' and then locate and double click the main executable file of the chat client with which you want VC Guard to add dominance to e.g. yazak.exe for the Yazak client

You are done!

Now simply start the yahoo chat client with which you have just merged your VCG. Once you enter a chat room and start your VC. Provided you have followed steps correctly, the blue VCG icon at the taskbar now should turn Green. It means that the voice chat dominance is now active and you are ready to dominate the mic.

VC Guard - When Stand By

VC Guard - When Active

Note: the strong voice dominance of this software will turn weak if half of the chat room users has put you on ignore. Its a Power, use it wisely.

Another nice feature of VC Guard is its voice lag protection which would protect your PC from voice lag attacks from few voice lagging programs out there.

Download Here

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