Multiple IM Tabs In Yahoo Messenger 8


Are you pissed off in handling 5-10 IM windows at once. well, here is the solution. Have all your open IM's in a single window as Tabs. Just like the tabs in mozilla firefox Or Opera. You can switch between your instant messages just by a click on the tab of the freind whom you want to or read message of.

You will just need to make a registry entry and install a little software for the tabs to appear in IM window of the official yahoo messenger. This tweak is applicable only on yahoo messenger version 8. The download link of the tweak is given at the end of this post. This is what you need to do Tab the IM window of the YM 8

Unzip the 2 files from Multi

double click to run the file tabbed_im_on.reg to make a registry entry into your windows registry for multiple IM tabbing (optional)

Now open and install WackyB-YIM-IMTab-Fix.msi

Go to start menu and search for the entry 'WackyB-TabIM-Fix' and place its shortcut on your desktop (optional)

Run WackyB-TabIM-Fix every time before running yahoo messenger

You are done

If you have followed the steps correctly, your IM window now should be be tabbed.

Download Here

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